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Eindhoven is often outshone by the likes of Amsterdam and Rotterdam when it comes to tourism. However, this southern Netherlands metropolis is blanketed by an aura of innovation, whilst still holding onto its industrial heritage. It is even possible to find traces of the city's medieval history within several different attractions.

Philips, the world-renowned electronics company, began operations in Eindhoven in 1891. Visitors can explore the wonder of the company's first factory in the heart of downtown Eindhoven. The factory has become a symbol of the city's industrial strength and heritage. Nevertheless, signs of a developing future are also part of the city's landscape. The Light Tower, the Blob and the Evoluon all mark the city's desire for innovation.

This Dutch city is the most dynamic metropolis in the southern region of the Netherlands. Energetic events create amazing sights throughout the year, and sporting achievements of the local football team, PSV Eindhoven, are renowned globally. Visitors can take some time out at a local recreational park, sightsee at marvellous museums, or unwind with a drink or two on the Stratumseind street. Whether tourists want action or relaxation, this city can certainly provide.

Ten things you must do in Eindhoven

  • Take in the spectacular cityscape of Eindhoven from the De Admirant building. This tower is 105 metres / 344 feet tall and includes some wonderful shopping facilities. The structure is located above the shopping area known as 'Around the Admirant', which includes the famous contemporary Blob landmark. Restaurants and fashion stores surrounding De Admirant are popular places for locals and tourists.
  • The Van Abbe Museum is great for modern art enthusiasts. The museum / art gallery is renowned as one of the top modern art centres in Europe. Picasso, Mondrian and Kandinsky are just a taste of the art menu offered inside this fascinating museum. After spending a few hours strolling its halls, the museum provides a restful coffee shop with stunning views of the Dommel River.
  • Stroll back in time at the Philips Factory. It is actually a museum nowadays, but still provides fantastic information regarding the history of Eindhoven's most famous export. The museum is located within the very first lamp factory of Philips, which began operations in 1891. This site is found in the heart of the city, so getting here will not be a problem for visitors.
  • The Old Tower (Oude Toren) is the only remaining section of Eindhoven's last medieval church. Built in Brabantine Gothic style, the original church was first erected in the 14th century. It is a shame that much of the structure has disintegrated, but the tower still manages to attract tourists with its medieval facade.
  • Visit yesteryear at the Historic Open Air Museum. Eindhoven began as an Iron Age village, which can be seen inside this museum. In addition, the city's medieval heritage is also grandly displayed for tourists. During holidays and on weekends, extra activities are often held at the museum.
  • One of Europe's best football clubs, PSV Eindhoven, plays out of the Philips Stadium in the city. Regarded as one of the Netherlands most successful modern clubs, PSV provides the perfect afternoon or evening out. Locals are boisterous, especially when they pack out the stadium. However, this only adds to the excitement of witnessing a local soccer match.
  • Held in the area around Kennedylaan, the Park Hilaria Fair is a city exhibition complete with plenty of attractions like thrill rides, children's rides, sideshows, dancing, street theatrical performances and an abundance of local food. It is free to enter, although many of the attractions require ticket purchases. This notable event is usually held in August each year.
  • Every year, Glow Eindhoven blows away other festivals held by the city. This event is a mixture of art and light design, creating a unique celebration which attracts thousands. Artificial light takes centre stage through art contests, architecture and performances. Most years, the event takes place for about one week in early November.
  • Shopping at the De Heuvel Gallery is the premier spot for shopaholics. Located between Market Square and Central Station, the large covered mall is home to several department store complexes and dozens of speciality stores. Fashion, accessories, electronics, toys and more are found within this shopping Mecca.
  • The Stratumseind is a street of bars and restaurants, famous for being the longest in the Netherlands. Going on a pub crawl in this part of Eindhoven can often span more than one night, as there are so many drinking establishments to sample along the way. The best feature of this street is the late-night availability of food. Many of the snack shops and restaurants remain open even after pubs have closed for the night.

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